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Denise LaFrance, Guiding and Supporting You Through Coming Out, Relationship Issues and Mid-Life Redesign.


Life will be calmer, richer and happier when we design a plan that puts you in touch with who you are and what you want.  I will help you connect your head and your heart while giving you unconditional support, guidance and encouragement. You CAN live your life fully and authentically!

Coming Out Coaching:

Experiencing a change in your sexual orientation as an adult is difficult, and I can relate since I’ve been there!  Experiencing fear, confusion and sometimes shame, it feels hard to trust anyone with your feelings and you feel totally alone and all the possible scenarios of your life imploding are constantly in your thoughts.

I provide a confidential, safe space for you to talk through your inner chaos; gaining clarity about who you are and the life you want.  My clients work through the typical phases of coming out more quickly and less painfully than those who face the process alone. As a result, they are able to move through the world with their heads held high; living their lives with self-respect, honesty and confidence.

I also provide coming out support for families and spouses.    Click here to learn more.

Relationship Coaching:

It is very easy to stay stuck in old, negative patterns that don’t work and prevent you from moving forward.  You may be picking partners with the same behavior patterns or perhaps you just don’t feel understood by the person you care about.

It is my privilege to help you improve the way you relate to and communicate with the important people in your life. To have the intimate, loving and honest relationships you want, it takes the courage to make changes – stripping away old beliefs and behaviors that aren’t working for you.

Denise also seeks to build strong marriages. Using the Prepare/Enrich Relationship Assessment tools, we will identify your strength and growth areas and after discussing the results, focus on specific relationship enhancing skills and exercises to create a strong foundation for a happy and successful, marriage. Click here to learn more

Mid-Life Redesign:

Do you find yourself longing for your life to be different?  Does it feel like there’s something missing?   If so you’ve reached the time in your life when you are ready and anxious to write your next chapter – a life where you are excited for each day; where you get lost in time doing something that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.  This is about taking time just for you, with someone who will listen, ask the right questions and help you to delve into your dreams, goals and passions. But that’s not all!  We’ll create a personal action plan to get you there.  Click here to learn more.

Are you ready to envision, believe, and create your new life? Then it’s time to begin your own personal journey. Contact Denise today to schedule a free 30 minute discovery session: or 207-749-0460.

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