Feeling Trapped? Break Free!

You have come to a fork in the road and you feel stuck.  Maybe it’s a relationship that you know you should have left years ago, a job that pays the bills but where you feel unappreciated and overwhelmed or perhaps you are living in a community that does not share your values and ideals.  It’s so easy to look at someone else’s circumstance and offer advice about what THEY should do to get out of that situation.  But change will only happen when you are the one who buys into the benefits, and you make the choices and decisions necessary to move on.   So what keeps you stuck and what can you do about it? Continue reading

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How To Come Out To Your Parents In Adulthood

It has been my experience that speaking with your immediate family about your sexuality is one of the hardest things a person that is coming out will have to do – regardless of your age.  For many, just talking about sexuality in general is completely new and uncomfortable.  Add to that the fear that your news may cause hurt and upset feelings (we all seem to go to the worse possible scenario), it’s no wonder the build-up to coming out is enough to cause you to get an ulcer! Continue reading

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Stop Self-Sabotage

Most of us want our lives to have great things in them, like great relationships, a great job or getting healthy. We seldom mean to sabotage ourselves.  So why is it that we end a promising relationship, don’t get the report in on time to the boss or sneak that package of Ding Dongs into our grocery cart? There are many different ways that people throw roadblocks in their own paths. They can include: Continue reading

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Coming Out Advice

I recently received an email with the following question from someone who was looking for overall coming out advice.  I’d like to share the question and my answer in the hope that it helps someone who is struggling with coming out issues.

Q: What advice would you give someone wanting to come out? Continue reading

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Curve Balls & Confidence

“Wow, I didn’t see that coming!”  Yes, we are talking about the curve balls of life—those things that derail us, bring on stress and test our confidence.  Even the most self-assured can be thrown off-kilter when faced with life’s curve balls.  Whether it’s the death of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, a change in career or a major illness, we can begin to question ourselves,  “Do I have the strength and confidence to find happiness again?” Continue reading

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